Secret Messages Used by ISIS to Recruit School Kids + PICS

Secret Messages Used by ISIS to Recruit School Kids + PICS
Mon Dec 21, 2015 10:55:55

Brit Omar Hussain, a known ISIS recruiter in Syria, has urged youngsters to hate all 'non-believers', using an encrypted messaging app to groom school kids into joining him in Raqqa.

Brit, who used to work as a security guard at Morrisons' supermarket in Buckinghamshire, has posted sick pictures of his cat napping in a bomb belt and beside a grenade.

The grey cat, who has been named Lucy, is pictured curled up inside a black belt, eyes open and looking directly at the camera.

Interspersed between the propaganda shots, are the British terrorist's blog articles and advice for people wanting to join the ISIS.


He has also linked to a disturbing report that instructs fanatics on 'safety and security' for carrying out lone wolf attacks.

Brit, 28, who was been linked to a man convicted of a plan to behead someone on Remembrance Day, has shared numerous photos of his life in Raqqa.

In one article entitled 'Hating the Kuffar', which concerns non-muslims, he says that even if they are kind, they must be hated because liking them is 'selfish'.

'So the ‘kind’ neighbor, the colleague at work, your boss, your son’s school teacher, the postman, the bus driver, the cashier at the supermarket, that random woman who takes her dog out for a walk every morning to the park… all such people must be hated.

'Their profession or their status in society has no role to play nor does it affect anything.

'A kāfir is a kāfir, period.'

He also lists a female recruiter for 'sisters' who want to travel to Syria.

Despite Telegram shutting down 78 ISIS related accounts in the aftermath of the Paris attacks, recruiters are still using the app to groom youngsters and spread ISIS propaganda, Dailymail reported.


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