VIDEO: Talks of Yemen Warring Sides to Continue on January 14, 2016

Sun Dec 20, 2015 18:53:35

Negotiators taking part in Yemen peace talks in Switzerland have ended their negotiations on Sunday without an agreement but rival factions will resume talks on Jan. 14, a former Yemeni president delegation source told Reuters.

Analysts believe the latest round of talks represented the best chance yet to end the conflict given months of stalemate in ground combat and the rise of ISIS militants, who threaten both sides.

"The first round of Yemeni discussions ended with an agreement for them to be revived ... in Ethiopia on the 14th of January, the source told Reuters."

A military alliance of mostly Persian Gulf countries led by Saudi Arabia began bombing Houthis in March to try to restore the government of the former fugitive President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

The Saudi-led strikes has killed nearly 6,000 people and plunged the impoverished country into a humanitarian crisis.

It remains unclear whether the two sides have agreed to renew a troubled ceasefire which coincided with the start of the United Nations-backed talks on Dec. 15.

Though Saudi Arabia and the Houthis have accused each other of many violations of the ceasefire, it did significantly reduce the fighting and allowed for deliveries of small amounts of badly-needed aid to the war zones.


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