Syrian Army Troops Pound Terrorists in Damascus Province + VIDEO

Sun Dec 20, 2015 12:12:19

The Syrian Army troops surrounded a group of terrorists in al-Qalamoun Mountain in the Northeastern part of Damascus province and killed or wounded all the militants in a rapid raid, military sources said Sunday.

“The Syrian army received intelligence tips about the presence of a terrorist group between the village of Miada'a and al-Dumayr town and the groups' intention to sneak into the government forces' positions near al-Dumayr,” the sources said.

“The Syrian army later deployed forced around al-Dumayr and surrounded the militant group completely,” the sources added.

“The Takfiri militantss gathering was stormed by the Syrian soldiers and at least 13 terrorists were killed in the attack,” the sources said.

The Syrian army and its allies have recently gained the upper hand against the militant groups in different battlefields of the province.

On Saturday, the Syrian army stormed the defense lines of the so-called Jeish al-Islam terrorist group Northeast of Damascus province, and inflicted heavy casualties on the terrorists.

“The strongholds of Jeish al-Islam on Harasta-al-Qantara road near Marj al-Sultan region came under massive attacks of the Syrian army and the country's National Defense Forces (NDF), which left tens of the terrorists dead or wounded,” the sources said.

Omar al-Qutaifani, a leader of Jeish al-Islam, has been identified among the dead terrorists.

“"The militant groups’ hotbed was completely destroyed in Syrian forces’ attack and all the weapons and ammunition in their depots were damaged,” the sources added; FNA reported.


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