ISIS Reaction to Saudi Arabia So-Called “Coalition against Terrorism”, Another Execution

Fri Dec 18, 2015 20:54:21

“Come Over, You Cowards” and “Waiting for You in Syria” are the titles of new video purportedly released by the ISIS takes aim at the So-called declared of Saudi led “coalition against terrorism” that Kingdom allegedly started with 34 Islamic countries.

Saudi Arabia this week announced its new alliance of 34 nations. It’s a formation, Saudi leaders say, with one purpose: fighting terrorists “whatever their doctrine.” But that’s just the spin. In reality, this Sunni alliance isn’t designed to defeat ISIS, and based on Saudi Arabia’s history of using terrorist groups — including al-Qaeda — as proxies, this announcement is troubling.

In the above video, ISIS accuses Saudi Arabia of colluding with “crusaders.” They show galloping horses and knights who fight against each other on a desert battlefield showing The Crusades Wars. Later, a man in a blue boiler suit is executed for allegedly being a collaborator with the Saudi regime.

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