50 Iraqi Soldier Killed and Injured in US Air Force Strike in Fallujah

50 Iraqi Soldier Killed and Injured in US Air Force Strike in Fallujah
Fri Dec 18, 2015 18:41:19

At least 30 Iraqi soldiers were killed and 20 others injured in US air strike, Hakim al-Zamili, the head of Iraqi parliament's Security and Defense Committee said.

"Thirty soldiers from the Iraqi Army's 55 brigade were killed and 20 were injured in a US airstrike on the town of al-Naimiya in the al-Fallujah in Anbar province," al-Zamili's statement obtained by Sputnik reads.

The politician stated that he demanded "the [Iraqi] prime minister to conduct an investigation into the airstrike against the 55 brigade, which had previously had huge success in the fight against Daesh terrorists."

Today Iraqi Army started the process of liberalization of the southern areas of the city of Fallujah, which is considered as ISIS capital in Anbar province. In these operation troops was able to liberate Nuaimiya police station and raise the Iraqi flag over its building southeast of Fallujah, while the sixth division had managed to liberate the village of Ma’ameer.

Daesh (ISIL, ISIS), the international terrorist organization, is in control of some territories in Iraq and Syria.

A number of ISIL cells, with local insurgent groups pledging allegiance, are also known to operate in Libya, Yemen and other territories across the Middle East and North Africa.

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