Washington May Begin Lifting Iran Sanctions in January under Nuclear Deal

Washington May Begin Lifting Iran Sanctions in January under Nuclear Deal
Fri Dec 18, 2015 11:55:35

The United States appears poised to lift at least some sanctions against Iran – possibly as early as January, Associated Press reported.

The US Secretary of State John Kerry said in a letter on Wednesday to the Senate foreign relations committee that Iran is fulfilling its obligations under the international agreement in what Kerry calls a “transparent” and “verifiable” way, and that “suspension of sanctions … is appropriate”.

The committee’s top Democrat, Senator Ben Cardin, said at a hearing on Thursday that it appears that sanctions relief could start as early as January, not in the spring as initially anticipated.

Cardin said that throughout the congressional review of the nuclear deal, witnesses for the Obama administration guessed that it would be spring until Iran could comply with the terms required for that relief to begin.

The deal involving the United States, Iran and five other world powers would impose some limitations on Iran’s nuclear activities in exchange for removal of Iran's illegal sanctions.

“Now we understand it is likely that Iran will be in compliance and entitled to sanctions relief as early as January,” Cardin said at the hearing where administration officials were questioned about the deal.

In Kerry’s letter to Congress, which the Associated Press obtained Thursday, he also stated that Iran had not engaged in any covert or other activities in its peaceful nuclear program; IRNA reported.


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