Full VIDEO of Stabbing Attacks in UK Leytonston Metro

Mon Dec 7, 2015 10:07:09

Full video of shocking moments after Leytonstone stabbing show police Taser and arrest him who brandishing a knife after the stabbing at Metro station. Attacker a 29-year-old man was charged today with attempted murder.

Police said they were called at 7:06pm (1906 GMT) to reports of a number of people being stabbed at the suburban station on the Central Line. “One man has sustained serious knife injuries; these are not believed at this stage to be life-threatening. Two other people have sustained minor injuries in this stabbing attack.

As he at the moment of stabbing reportedly shouting "This is for Syria" (maybe showing revenge toward UK airstrikes in Syria) one man at the scene shouted: “You ain’t no Muslim, bruv., After Footage shows an officer shouting “Drop the knife!” and firing a Taser electric stun gun.

A later clip shows the man being pinned to the ground by police as passers-by are told to get back.

Full VIDEO of UK Stabbing Attacks in UK Metro --- en.alalam.ir

Counter-terrorism officers took command of the investigation amid fears it was inspired by events in France and the Middle East.

The incident raised further questions over whether UK police have the manpower and equipment they need to tackle suspected terrorists.

Last night detectives were examining the suspect’s phone and computers to see whether he had accomplices.

meanwhile at the scene an engineer has told how he fought a terror suspect while fellow Tube passengers filmed on their mobiles.

An engineer has told how he fought a terror suspect while fellow Tube passengers filmed on their mobiles.



Witnesses says ....

David Pethers, who was also slashed in the neck in the incident but managed to keep up the fight until police arrived, said he and another commuter took on a man to protect passing children.

Mr Pethers, 33, said: ‘There were other adult men standing there, just filming it on their phones. There were so many opportunities where someone could have grabbed him.’

British Transport Police chiefs said yesterday that they were increasing the number of armed officers patrolling the transport network.

If terrorism is confirmed, it would be the first attack in Britain since May 2013, when soldier Lee Rigby was murdered outside a London barracks.

Officials have warned for months that a terrorist attack is highly likely. The official threat level is ‘severe’.