Israeli Forces Killed 2 More Palestinians near Ramallah in Latest Tensions

Fri Dec 4, 2015 18:04:25

2 Palestinians have been killed in Ramallah in two separate incident. One was shot dead by Israeli military forces Friday after stabbing an Israeli officer near the Ramallah-area village of Abud, another was shot dead after ramming over two Israelis by his car in the occupied West Bank.

A Palestinian man was shot and killed on Friday after stabbing an Israeli near the Ramallah-area village of Abud, Palestinian officials said.

The Palestinian official of the Ministry of Health confirmed that a Palestinian man was shot dead by Israeli military forces near the village, which is located adjacent to the illegal Israeli settlement of Halamish.

The man was identified as Abed al-Rahman al-Barghouthi, 27. He died from gunshot wounds to the neck and arm, the ministry added.

Israel's military said an "Israeli was stabbed and wounded northwest of Ramallah" and the assailant was shot at the scene.

Reports in Israeli media said the Israeli was a soldier, although their identity has not yet been confirmed.
The Magen David Adom ambulance service said the Israeli was in a moderate to serious condition.

The latest incident comes as two Palestinian teenagers were shot dead overnight in al-Khalil after allegedly stabbing an Israeli soldier in Tel Rumeida.

A Palestinian driver on Friday was shot dead, police said.

Two people were lightly injured in the car ramming near the Ofra settlement, police spokesperson Luba Samri said.

"The palestinian was shot and killed," she added; Ma’an News Agency reported.

Today Israeli troops have gunned down two more Palestinians in the West bank after accusing them of carrying out a stabbing attack.

The Palestinian Ma’an news agency said Teher Faisal Funun, 22, and Abdul-Monem Funun, 15, were gunned down during the early hours of Friday in the Tel Rumeida area of the city of al-Khalil (Hebron).

Israeli authorities claimed the two Palestinians were killed after stabbing an Israeli soldier who was slightly injured in the attack.

Earlier on Thursday, two other Palestinian men were gunned down by Israeli forces in separate incidents in the occupied territories.


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