Iran Foreign Ministry Reacts to IAEA Chief Amano Report on PMD

Iran Foreign Ministry Reacts to IAEA Chief Amano Report on PMD
Wed Dec 2, 2015 21:45:15

Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi said that International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has in its report confirmed Iran's full cooperation with the entity based on roadmap, which has enabled the body to release its final evaluation on Possible Military Dimensions (PMD).

In reaction to IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano’s new report on its final evaluation regarding PMD released on Wednesday, Araqchi added, “Therefore, all measures over the past issues have completely concluded and PMD has been left behind.”

No phrase denoting Iran’s diversion from its commitments regarding NPT is seen in the report, he said, the agency has also verified Iran’s nuclear program in its report.

Araqchi noted that the report has endorsed peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program, paving the way for closing the file of PMD in Board of Governors.

Therefore, as per Paragraph 14 of Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the P5+1 Group should offer a resolution to Board of Governors with the aim of ending the issue of PMD, Araqchi said, noting that the body should approve the resolution and close the case.

He said that the measure will take place within two weeks.

Responding to a question over the allegations regarding Iran's attempts to build nuclear weapon, Araqchi said that IAEA has clearly announced that no diversion has been seen in Iran’s nuclear-related activities.

The agency has also rejected conducting experimental blasts in Marivan, confirming Iran’s claim that the issue is baseless, he said.

Asked about the IAEA's claim that Iran has carried out little activities with certain technologies of dual-use prior to 2003, Araqchi said that all studies on double purpose technologies in Iran have been conducted for peaceful ends.

Furthermore, studies on such technologies are also rampant in other countries, the official said, noting that what is important is that the program does not divert from peaceful purposes, as the main duty of the IAEA is verifying non-diversion.

Responding to a question over the existence of experiment chamber in Parchin in 2000 based on satellite photos, he said that Iran provided the agency with more reliable photos, negating its claims. Not to mention that director general of the IAEA in person visited the site and saw no chamber there.

The main point in the report is that the final evaluation of the entity rejected many of the past allegations or cast doubt over them, Araqchi added.

Iran has on several occasions announced that nuclear weapons have no place in Iran's defense doctrine, he said.

Now that the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program has been known to all, opposing parties should fulfill their commitments including closing the file of PMD in the session on December 15. IRNA reported.


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