Six Mass Grave Found after Iraq’s Sinjar Liberation + VIDEO

Tue Dec 1, 2015 18:30:04

Kurdish forces discover more mass graves in Sinjar after recapturing the Iraqi town from ISIS, bringing the total number of burial sites found to more than six.

Kurdish forces liberated the northern Iraqi town of Sinjar on mid of November.

ISIS terror group's takeover of a community where thousands were massacred and tens of thousands were forced to flee in Summer of 2014.

The apparent liberation of Sinjar comes more than a year after ISIS brutally captured the town, forcing tens of thousands to flee as the world watched in horror.

The town was a home to Yazidis, among Iraqi's smallest minorities. As ISIS conquered Sinjar in August 2014, about 5,000 men and boys in the town and nearby villages were massacred, according to U.N. estimates, while teenage girls and women were sold into slavery.

Some 50,000 Yazidis in the region scrambled up Mount Sinjar to escape the ISIS onslaught.

After that, Sinjar became a chaotic jumble of demolished buildings held by ISIS fighters.

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