We Wish it Hadn’t Happened: Erdogan Regrets over Downing Russian Jet

We Wish it Hadn’t Happened: Erdogan Regrets over Downing Russian Jet
Sun Nov 29, 2015 17:33:32

“We wish it hadn't happened as such, but unfortunately such a thing has happened. I hope that something like this doesn't occur again." Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has for the first time voiced regret over the Russian jet.

Erdogan added that neither country should allow the incident to escalate and take a destructive form that would lead to "saddening consequences".

However, President Erdogan’s friendly stance took a solemn turn as he once again defended the action and criticised Russia for its operations in Syria.

He said: "If we allow our sovereign rights to be violated... then the territory would no longer be our territory.”

President Erdogan also renewed his plea for a meeting with Vladimir Putin, who has refused to take his calls until Turkey apologies to Russia.

The Russian leader has denounced the Turkish action as a "treacherous stab in the back" and has insisted the plane was downed over Syrian territory in violation of international law.

The Russian military also warned it would shoot down any aerial target that would pose a potential threat to its planes.

Russia has since also restricted tourist travel to Turkey, left Turkish trucks stranded at the border, confiscated large quantities of Turkish food imports and started preparing a raft of broader economic sanctions.




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