Syrian Army Retakes Areas in Aleppo from ISIS

Syrian Army Retakes Areas in Aleppo from ISIS
Sat Nov 28, 2015 21:23:27

The leading road to the terrorists main stronghold of Raqqa which located in east of Aleppo has captured by the Syrian army from ISIS, Syrian state TV reported on Saturday.

The areas captured as part of the Syrian army’s advance on the terrorists’ positions with support from Russian airstrikes are east of the Kweires air base seized from ISIS control earlier this month.

Earlier in November, the Syrian army lifted the siege of the Kweiris military airbase. The Kweiris airbase had been under ISIS siege for two years until the Syrian government forces with Russian air support advanced into the area and cleared it of Takfiri terrorists, leaving a large number of them dead and wounded in the process.

According to a state television report, the army had captured two villages and large swathes of farmland, seizing tunnels and fortifications built by the terrorists.

The villages are about 60 km east of Aleppo.

The Syrian government and its allies have also made gains against ISIS to the southeast of Homs. reported.


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