BY Video, Iraqi Army Forces Advancing Toward Ramadi

Mon Nov 23, 2015 12:27:16

Iraq says its armed forces are advancing towards the city of Ramadi from the north in preparation of an offensive against ISIS terrorist controlling the city.

Also the leadership of al-Badiya and al-Jazeera Operations in Anbar province announced on Sunday, that 35 ISIS elements were killed in a security operation west of the city of Ramadi according to

Ali Ibrahim Dbon said “The security forces have carried out, at noon, a proactive security operation targeting ISIS members in the village of Umm Dibs in Haditha District resulting in the killing of 35 elements of the organization and the bombing of five vehicles.”

On Saturday the leader of Albu Nimir tribe in Anbar province, Naim al-Gaood, announced on lifting the siege on 70 families that were besieged by the so-called “ISIS” in the area of TharThar north of the city of Ramadi.

Gaood said “A force from the tribe of Albu Nimir, supported by other clans, conducted a tactical operation and managed to free 70 families, including women, children and elders that were besieged by ISIS in the area of TharThar north of Ramadi,” adding that, “The operation was carried out in coordination with the commander of al-Jazeerah Operations, Maj. Gen. Ali Dabun, and the deputy commander of al-Jazeerah Operations, Brig. Gen. Musa al-Asadi.”

The statement added, “The tribal fighters were able to kill 35 terrorists from the organization, in addition to destroying five vehicles belonging to them.”

Al Bu Nimr, a Sunni tribe allied with the Baghdad government, has long suffered heavy casualties against ISIS terrorist, either through clashes or mass executions.

Last month, ISIS militants reportedly executed at least 70 members of the tribe due to their having relatives serving in Iraqi security forces, and hundreds more were killed in 2014 after ISIS seized swaths of the country.

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