18Yo Teenage Girl From UK 1st For Fighting Against ISIS

18Yo Teenage Girl From UK 1st For Fighting Against ISIS
Sun Nov 22, 2015 18:50:50

A British 18-year-old girl has become the first person to be convicted for attempting to join the campaign against ISIS in Syria. She is set to spend 21 months behind bars.

Silhan Özçelik from north London fled her home and took a train to Brussels, leaving a 25-minute farewell video address for her family.

In the video, she said she was eager to join the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) women’s military forces and fight against ISIS.

about this for many years. I have been wanting to join for many years. Furthermore I am leaving my diary, and it is written in my diary … I wrote, every minute, how much I wanted to become a militant, how much I wanted to become a guerrilla, are all written in those pages.”

The girl added that she was “passionately engaged” with the PKK’s ideas, wanted to become a “bride of the mountains” and was drawn by the fact that women played an active role in the party.

For her friends, Özçelik invented various reasons for her escape: a visit of an uncle, studies in Germany, traveling, or to flee a jealous ex-friend.

The PKK, or Kurdistan Workers’ Party, is banned in the UK as a terrorist organization, despite its fight against ISIS.


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