5 People Arrested in Germany in connection with Paris Attacks

Tue Nov 17, 2015 18:50:58

French police launch overnight raids in the Paris region of France as part of the state of emergency announced following the Paris attacks.

Police in Paris have given an update on the anti-terror raids in the region since Friday’s attacks.

According to this information 104 police raids happened, 16 people have been arrested and Six firearms have been seized.

Police say that these arrests and raids are targeting “people, arms and objects likely to be linked to activities of a terrorist nature.”

Meanwhile according to Guardian latest news two more arrests have been done in Germany linked to Paris attacks.

Police have arrested two more people in Alsdorf of Germany, a police statement said, giving no more details. It brings the total number arrested to five.

Earlier today, three other people, two women and one man, were arrested outside a job centre in the small town near the border with Belgium.

A spokesman said the three were foreign citizens but gave no more information.

There is still no confirmation that the individuals have any link to the Paris attack. German newspaper site Spiegel Online said the police operation was sparked after a supermarket employee believed he had spotted someone resembling Salah Abdeslam.

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