Will China Launch War on ISIS after Paris Attacks?

Will China Launch War on ISIS after Paris Attacks?
Sun Nov 15, 2015 13:15:47

China could join Russia in the fight against ISIS after the terror group brutally murdered 129 people in Paris.

President Xi Jinping vowed to step up the fight in the wake of the "barbaric" attacks by militants linked to ISIS on Friday night.

He made the comments during a phone call with Francois Hollande, the French president, according to Chinese media reports.

President Xi is also believed to have offered "deep condolences" to Mr Hollande during their conversation yesterday.

No Chinese nationals are among the victims identified so far by French authorities.

But the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) said around 1,300 Chinese tourists were in Paris on Friday.

A spokesman for the CNTA urged its bureau to follow the developments in the French capital closely.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said: "Terrorism is a common challenge facing humanity. China resolutely supports France in maintaining its national security and stability and in attacking terrorism."

And Li Keqiang, the Chinese Premier, expressed "strong outrage and condemnation" over the attacks.

Xi's comments have led to speculation that China is set to bomb the terrorists to oblivion in Iraq and Syria.


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