IRGC Commander: Advisors Will Remain in Syria

IRGC Commander: Advisors Will Remain in Syria
Wed Nov 11, 2015 19:20:02

Lieutenant Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Brigadier General Hossein Salami has said that the operations (in Syria) have been successful so far and military advisors in Syria stay tere until gaining final victory against the terrorist groups.

"The operations (in Syria) have been successful so far and God willing, they will continue and other successes will also follow," Salami told FNA on Wednesday.

"The main goal is setting the Syrian nation free from the hands of the terrorists and this will continue in any form until attainment of proper results," he added.

Salami also underscored that the IRGC has not changed the method of its presence in Syria which has earlier been described as an advisory role.

Iran and Hezbollah have been helping the Syrian army and popular forces in retaking control over the country's towns back from the terrorists.

The Iranian officials have always emphasized that it has not deployed forces in Syria and its presence in the friendly Arab country is limited to a counseling role.

But Hezbollah resistance force sent its fighters to Northern Syria to help the country's army and popular forces take back the strategic province of Aleppo from the terrorist groups, including the al-Nusra Front and ISIL.

In a surge of power, the pro-government troops that are backed by the Syrian and Russian air forces have earned an increasing number of battlefields across the province in the last 6 weeks.

"In relevant remarks on Sunday, Head of Hezbollah Executive Committee Sheikh Nabil Qawooq underlined that the resistance group would continue standing against the terrorist groups in Syria to prevent their spread to Lebanon, reiterating that Hezbollah would keep its fighters in the neighboring Muslim nation until final defeat of all terrorist groups."

"We will finish the war in Syria. We insist on defeating the terrorists and gaining victory against the Takfiri plots in Syria in a move to support Lebanon; because if Syria turns into a center or passage for the ISIL and other terrorist groups, they will not show mercy to Lebanon either," Qawooq was quoted as saying by al-Manar news channel.

He stressed that Hezbollah would defeat the terrorist groups in Syria the same way that it gained victory in the 33-day war against the Israeli regime that was armed to the teeth.

Qawooq also blasted Saudi Arabia for supporting the terrorist groups in the region, and blamed the country for prolonging the wars in Syria and Yemen.


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