Massive Protest in Kabul against Beheading 7 Civilian Kidnapped by ISIS

Wed Nov 11, 2015 13:42:52

Members of Afghanistan's Hazara ethnic minority march through Kabul in protest against government inaction over the killing of seven of their community members of militants.

Seven people including two women and a child have been beheaded by ISIS Terrorist in Afghanistan.

Local officials said the headless bodies of four men, two women and one child, who were kidnapped by armed men in October from neighboring Ghazni province, were found in Khak-i-Afghan district of troubled Zabul on Sunday.

The Hazaras are a Persian-speaking people who mainly live in central Afghanistan, Hazara Town in Balochistan, Pakistan and Karachi. They are overwhelmingly Twelver Shia Muslims and make up the third largest ethnic group in Afghanistan.

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