Alleged Adultery; Girl Stoned to Death, Man Lashed by Taliban, VIDEO

Wed Nov 4, 2015 13:11:30

A young girl in a horrifying video being stoned to death for alleged adultery in Taliban-controlled area of Afghanistan but the accused man Man was let off with a lashing.

The 30-second video which shows the stoning of the girl who known only as Rokhsahana age 19 took place on October 25 just outside Firozkoh in Taliban Controlled Area in Afghanistan, was confirmed by officials earlier today.

Governor Seema Joyenda said: 'The footage shown in the media is related to Rokhsahana, who was stoned to death.'

Joyenda, one of only two female governors in Afghanistan, said Rokhsahana's family had married her off against her will.The man was let off with a lashing, Joyenda's spokesman said.


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