VIDEO: Full Preparedness of Army in Muharram War Game

Tue Oct 20, 2015 15:36:28

The army’s military exercise and the air defense drills is continuing simultaneously in several parts of western Iran.

The first day of the exercises featured surveillance missions, heliborne operations, and firing of Shalamcheh surface-to-air missiles toward mock-enemy drones.

“We are seeing a new face of threats and, hence, go about producing weaponry in proportion to threats,” Pourdastan had said on Monday.

On Tuesday, the Iranian Army and the Khatam al-Anbia Air Defense Base began the second and final day of a large-scale drill codenamed Muharram in the western and northwestern part of the country.

In the maneuver, test drones were flown over Khondab nuclear site, displaying the capability of the country’s air defense by employing various deterrence devices and identifying suspicious flying objects with timely reactions,” said Hassanbeigi.

He added that in simultaneous maneuvers of ground and air forces in the western part of Iran, a number of defensive systems such as the domestically-built radar system, dubbed Fat’h 14 (Conquer 14) with a range of 600 kilometers were also unveiled.

“Khondab military exercise was part of Muharram war game during which an optic artillery system dubbed 'Safat' successfully shot down a drone with a low radar cross section flying over Khondab nuclear site,” he said.

Iranian Army is currently holding massive military exercises codenamed Muharram in the Western and Northwestern parts of the country. Different units of Ground Force, Air Force and Air Defense units are participating in the two-day massive war games.

The drills are aimed at strengthening the country's defensive power, practicing modern trainings and assessing the forces' swift reaction and use of state-of-the-art equipment.

All military exercises and trainings of the Iranian Armed Forces are merely meant to serve deterrent purposes; Mehr News reported.


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