US Says Disrupted ISIS Revenue by Bombing Iraq’s Qayyarah Refinery

Fri Oct 16, 2015 19:07:08

Video released by U.S. military purporting to show coalition air strikes against parts of the Qayyarah Oil Refinery in Iraq just after midnight local time.

The territory is under the control of the ISIS. In a statement, CENTCOM said the strikes were part of their effort to disrupt financing from illegally-gained oil revenue. They add that the strike was conducted in coordination with the government of Iraq.

The coalition said the Qayyarah Oil Refinery was used by ISIS to produce oil for the black market to fund their terrorist activities. This site was also used to store weapons and as a base of operations to facilitate attacks in the area, CENTCOM said.

(FILE) Iraq’s Qayyarah Refinery

In early this month more than 50 ISIS elements had been either killed and wounded in an air raid that targeted their headquarters in the Qayyarah refinery.


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