Iraqi Parliament Promises Complete Freedom of Salahuddin

Fri Oct 16, 2015 11:03:43

The Iraqi parliament’s Security and Defense Commission announced that given the rapid advances of the Iraqi armed forces in Salahuddin, the Northern Province will be freed completely in the next few days.

“We promise people the freedom of most parts of Salahuddin province except al-Sharqat region and that region will also be fully liberated in coming days,” member of the Security and Defense Commission Qassem al-A'raji was quoted as saying by Arabic-language Soumeriya News channel on Thursday.

He also said that all the lines of supply used by the ISIL, including in Khat al-Raqa, Mosul and Beiji, have been closed completely.

The Iraqi army and volunteer forces, launched an assault on Wednesday to take back the city of Beiji in Northern Iraq from ISIL terrorists.

The Iraqi army and Volunteer forces seized back full control over Beiji oil refinery in Salahuddin province on Wednesday evening after killing ISIL's top military commander (or Emir) of the region.

The Iraqi forces started their massive operations on Wednesday morning and captured the strategic village of al-Rabee in the very first hour.

The army and volunteer forces launched the Beiji Freedom Operation by approaching the city from three different directions.

The Iraqi forces then entered Beiji from the Northern parts of the city and took control of its ice-making factory.

Later, they could push back the ISIL terrorists from towers 15 and 16 of the refinery and they could eventually prevail over the entire refinery on Wednesday evening.

The Iraqi popular forces captured Makhoul village near Beiji from the ISIL terrorist group on Thursday.

“Our forces freed Makhoul village and a cement factory North of Beiji near Talal Hamrin region,” Iraq's Hashd Al-Sha'abi (popular forces) said in a statement released by Arabic-language Ain al-Iraq news agency on Thursday.

The ISIL terrorists have over 80 percent of the Beiji under their control and winning back the city will pave the way for the Iraqi forces to move towards Mosul, the main ISIL stronghold in Iraq; FNA reported.


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