PICTURED, National History Museum's Wildlife Photography Award

PICTURED, National History Museum's Wildlife Photography Award
Wed Oct 14, 2015 18:33:40

Picture of foxes in Canadian wilderness wins National History Museum's Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest. Winner in other categories are as below

Gruesome portrait of a red fox dragging off the bloody corpse of its Arctic cousin beats 42,000 entries to win wildlife photography award


Taking flight: The birds category was won with this image called 'The company of three' by Amir Ben-Dov which showed three red-footed falcons on a singled branch


In a flap: Jonathan Jagot won the 15-17 age category for 'Flight of the scarlet ibis' showing birds flying past sand on the island of Lençóis on the coast of northeast Brazil


Eye in the sky: 'The art of algae' by Spanish photographer Pere Soler shows intertidal wetlands at Bahía de Cádiz natural park on the coast of Andalucia transformed by green seaweed and multicoloured bloom as well as a large colony of birds


Ondrej Pelánek from the Czech Republic took this snap of male ruffs in full breeding plumage in an area of tundra in Norway. The picture was enough to win the 11 - 14 age category


Edwin Giesbers from the Netherlands won the Amphibeans and Reptiles category with this picture called 'Still Life' showing a great crested newt hanging motionless near the surface of a stream


On the prowl: 'Shadow walker' by British photographer Richard Peters captured the shadow of a fox creeping through a garden in Surrey. It was enough to win the 'urban' category


'Broken Cats' by Britta Jaschinski from Germany shows big cats performing at the Seven Star Park in Guilin, China. Britta has travelled extensively to document. This picture was the wildlife photojournalist award single image winner


The impressions category was won by Spanish photographer Juan Tapia who captured this image of a barn swallow swooping in through a hole in a painting fixed in a broken window of a barn in Almeria, southern Spain


Feeding frenzy: This picture called 'A whale of a mouthful' by Michael AW from Australia shows a Bryde’s whale ripping through a swirling ball of sardines, consuming a huge mouthful in a single pass. The image won the under water category of the competition


 Source: Daily Mail