Video: Unbelieveable, 3 Accidents in 40 Seconds! The World’s Worst Driver

Sun Oct 11, 2015 17:35:17

A Siberian driver in Kemerovo, Russia has given a master class in bad driving, hitting three cars while maneuvering in a parking lot in a residential courtyard.

A video posted on YouTube shows three men (no female drivers among them!) standing by a small car in the courtyard of a residential complex.

The trio in the car tries to flee the scene, as a couple of stunned onlookers are already seen dashing towards them. Unfortunately, their escape goes awry as a car parked on the right side of the road is hit with the open door of their moving vehicle – striking the final blow. The culprits take this new development in stride, however, and the car disappears from the crime scene, with the bumper still protruding from it.