Velayati Confirms Iran-Russia Cooperation against Terrorism

Velayati Confirms Iran-Russia Cooperation against Terrorism
Sat Oct 10, 2015 17:31:28

Supreme Leader’s Senior Advisor for international affairs confirmed cooperation and consultation between Iran and Russia in fighting against terrorism and said that Iran, Russia, and Iraq are Syria’s allies and friends.

On Saturday Dr Ali Akbar Velayati in Al-alam News Network’s “Min Tehran” program about issues such as Russian operation in Syria against Terrorist groups, Western countries emphasis on Iran-Russia cooperation in these attacks and the fact that these attacks were carried out after General Soleimani’s visit to Russia said that: we don’t negate cooperation between Iran, Russia, Syria, and Iraq.

Iran, Syria and Iraq’s continuous cooperation in Fighting against terrorism

He reiterated that besides consultations, Iran, Russia and Iraq are Syria’s friends and allies. He said that from the outset of these problems, the invasion of terrorists with the backing of western countries and Americans and the Zionists and the regressive governments of the region, all of them have put their efforts to break Anti-Zionist resistance ring. Syrian government is the backbone of resistance and Syrian government’s defeat would cause rupture in the ring of resistance.

We support Syrian government publically

Velayati said that Iran has neither hidden nor hides this issue and publically expresses its support for Bashar al-Asad’s government and continues it and it is natural that Russia that has the same view with us in this point, consults with us.

The transfer of Russian Military operation to Iraq, It is unlikely that Russians refuse to do it

In response to this question that if there is possibility that Russia transfers its military operation to Iraq Velayati said it depends on the Iraqi people and Iraqi government’s demand. If Iraqi government wants it and requests it, it is Iraqi people’s right that ask Russia for help as Iran helps Iraqi government.

Bashar al-Assad, Syrian current government, and resistance are the red lines of Iran's Plan for Syria

About Iran’s plan for Syria crisis Velayati said that any plan that is not confirmed by Bashar al-Assad is not supported by Islamic Republic of Iran. Equal to this, any plan that is rendered by Islamic republic of Iran must have Syrian government and Syrian people’s agreement and support and except this we do not have any other claim.

Iran will pursue Mina disaster

He added that Iran will pursue this issue and never ignores it as the right of its citizens .

Iran welcomes any dialogue with the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council

About the recent invitation by Kuwaiti Foreign Minister for talks with members of Persian Gulf Cooperation Council Velayati said the Islamic Republic of Iran is always after having close relationship with its neighbors Including Kuwait and other neighbors and added that solution for problems is in friendly negotiations among neighbors.

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