Rocket Attack on Ex-PM’s Hotel in Yemen, 18 UAE Guards Killed

Rocket Attack on Ex-PM’s Hotel in Yemen, 18 UAE Guards Killed
Tue Oct 6, 2015 14:25:56

In rocket-propelled grenade attacks on Qasr Hotel in the Yemeni city of Aden 18 UAE Guards have been Killed and Yemen's former Prime Minister Khaled Bahah escaped to Saudi Arabia once again.

Early reports said some 20 military troops lost their lives in the attacks mostly soldiers from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) guarding Qasr Hotel.

A number of officials from the former Yemeni regime, including Khaled Bahah, were reportedly staying at the hotel.

An unspecified number of individuals have also been wounded in the attacks.

It is not immediately clear if any of the former Yemeni officials said to be residing at the hotel are among the casualties.

However, other reports said Khaled Bahah escaped unharmed.

Sources also said Khaled Bahah and his cabinet members were evacuated by a UAE helicopter; FNA reported.

Saudi Arabia launched its military aggression against Yemen on March 26 – without a United Nations mandate – in a bid to undermine the Houthi Ansarullah movement and restore power to fugitive former Yemeni President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, who is a staunch ally of Riyadh.

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