Fighting Terrorists Not possible by Airstrikes: Rouhani to US Think Tanks

Fighting Terrorists Not possible by Airstrikes: Rouhani to US Think Tanks
Mon Sep 28, 2015 15:47:26

President Hassan Rouhani criticizing west policy toward fighting extremism and terrorism in the Middle East said bombardments and airstrikes are not effective ways to fight terrorism.

Speaking in a meeting with members of US think tanks on Sunday, Iran President underlined that West actions including bombardment of the region has stepped up violence.

Fighting terrorists is not possible by airstrikes and they should be countered face to face, President Rouhani added.He said that fighting terrorism needs collective participation.

All the world believe in a counter-terrorism program but each side has its own priorities for resolution of the issue, President Rouhani asserted.

"Stressing fighting terrorism in Syria as the first step, he also urged political reforms in the war-torn region."

Big powers have the ability to prevent Iran to sell its oil but ISIL has captured two thirds of the Syria's soil and sells the region's oil, the president said, questioning certain powers' honesty in fighting against terrorism.

If ISIL kills people in Syria and Iraq, it is not a threat but if it poses a danger to European countries, they will counter it, he added.

President Rouhani said Iran is ready to cooperate with any country that fighting terrorism is its top priority.

He said that any counter terrorism measure should be coordinated with the Syria central government and counter terrorism efforts should not result in weakening the country's administration.

Elsewhere in his remarks, President Rouhani urged the world to use win-win talks to find sustainable solutions for the world problems.

He said that Iran and P5+1 nuclear deal proved the fact that resolution of issues by means of dialogue is at the interest of all sides.

Referring to the increase of drought and environmental problems as well as increase of violence and unrests in the region, the president said there have been also some positive developments in the world.

He called Iran and P5+1 nuclear deal as a major breakthrough in the world, adding that Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) created hope for the world.

Resolution of issues is only possible through win-win talks and any negotiation that has a loser, will not be sustainable, the president added.

He underlined that Iran is bound to its obligations in the JCPOA and believes that execution of the agreement is at the interest of all sides.

Referring to certain oppositions and suspicions inside the US congress about the JCPOA, he encouraged US senators to believe other nation's political growth.

Government is committed to develop ties with the world and decrease tensions, President Rouhani noted.

Nuclear deal has created a new ground for cooperation between Iran and the world, the president added.

He said that elite groups of the world have great responsibility to decrease tension in the world,IRNA reported.

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