Mina Tragedy Preoccupied Iranian Delegation in New York: Zarif

Mina Tragedy Preoccupied Iranian Delegation in New York: Zarif
Mon Sep 28, 2015 10:54:22

Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif said the Mina tragic event has preoccupied the Iranian delegation which is now in New York for this year UN General Assembly.

In televised comments on Iran's Channel Two, Zarif said, '…due coordination with my colleagues in Tehran and Saudi Arabia has been made in order to examine the situation of the wounded in the incident.'

President Hassan Rouhani, also, has been following up the case through his first assistant Eshaq Jahangiri, Zarif said.

All meetings being held in New York, the US, discuss the Thursday Mina tragic event which claimed lives of 169 Iranian pilgrims, he added.

About talks with his American counterpart John Kerry, Zarif said, 'We negotiated about the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA,) and the American side stressed it is committed to implement the plan.'

As of next week, Iran enters talks on implementation after Majlis's view on the JCPOA, said Zarif.

As declared already, the talks with the US is only about the JCPOA, said the top nuclear negotiator.

Sometimes, the other side talked of some issues including Syria which Iran did not enter due to framework set by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, he noted.

About the UN General Assembly, Zarif said it is a unique opportunity for the world leaders to have active cooperation in a global program.

The UN General Assembly is the easiest and most economical way that all world leaders can use to hold meetings with each other.

The world leaders welcomed cooperation with Iran in all issues, said Zarif, adding one important thing in the issue of JCPOA is commitment to implementation of its provisions including investment in Iran and technical cooperation in that area.

About the region, he said all nations have stressed that Iran is the most powerful country in the region that plays leading role in bringing peace and stability to the Middle East.

President Rouhani, Zarif and some other top Iranian officials are in New York to take part in the United Nations General Assembly from September 28 to October 3.

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