Iraqi Air Force Kills 3 ISIL Commanders in Baghdad

Iraqi Air Force Kills 3 ISIL Commanders in Baghdad
Thu Sep 24, 2015 18:51:11

Iraqi Air Force killed 3 senior ISIL commanders in the capital Baghdad.

Yasser al-Jumaily aka Abu Amar, Abu Obaida aL-Jasha'ami and the Australian terrorist, Abu Islam, were identified among the dead terrorists, reports said Wednesday.

Reports also said that a senior leader of the ISIL terrorist group who was a slave facilitator was killed in an airstrike in Iraq.

Abu Bakr al-Turkmani, who died Sept. 10 in a strike in Tal Afar in Northern Iraq, was a slave facilitator who had been involved in the sexual trafficking of Ezadi minority women.

In 2014, the ISIL terrorists massacred Ezadis, forced tens of thousands of them to flee, captured thousands of girls and women as spoils of war and used them as sex slaves.

The UN has said the atrocities committed against the small community may amount to genocide.

The news came after the death of French terrorist David Drugeon, who died in an airstrike near Aleppo, Syria, on July 5. He was killed while driving his car.

Drugeon was an explosives expert and a member of a network of veteran al-Qaeda operatives sometimes called the Khorasan Group, which plots attacks against the West; FNA reported.

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