ISIS New Video against Migrants: "Replaces people other than you"

Mon Sep 21, 2015 17:02:09

ISIS terrorist group release a video appears in public smuggling of Arab and foreign fighters into Iraq and Syria through airports of Turkey.

In response to clips of a stampede of thousands of Syrian immigrants fleeing to the European border , the version came" replaces people other than you," to show ISIS terrorist Group transferring fighters across one of the Turkish international airports, which is only a few miles from Syria in the Hatay city.

The video, which was broadcast by the organization recently through its accounts in social networking sites, said that "all flights were secretly taken, which includes men from several countries where terrorist organizations are active, why they are here."

The recording pointed to the presence of two people from Mauritania, 4 people from Libya carrying their bags, and others from Egypt, Saudi Arabia and "Lester" British City, Shafaghna reports.

Not only did the author of the report referred to the Turkish gateway, but also revealed smugglers working mechanism, and taking tourists from various countries of the world to take them through smuggling brokers into Syrian territory in preparation to use them in militant groups inside Syria and Iraq.

As stated in the video "Most travelers were rushing towards cars waiting for them as well as the presence of crowds from around the world, to begin their journey with a getaway across the road surrounded by safe houses" until delivering "fighters" to the Syrian party.

This new video of ISIS terrorist group comes despite Istanbul's recent announcement of its accession to the coalition forces to hit the ISIS in both Syria and Iraq, despite the reservation for years since the start of the events in Syria.

CNN correspondent Nick Paton Walsh on November 5, 2013 reported under title the “The secret jihadi smuggling route through Turkey” this similar event.

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