ISIS Executes Syrian Girl on Charges of Opposing Takfiri Thoughts

ISIS Executes Syrian Girl on Charges of Opposing Takfiri Thoughts
Mon Sep 21, 2015 16:37:54

Militants of the ISIS Takfiri group beheaded a young Syrian girl in the Northeastern province of Deir Ezzur on charges of thinking different from the militant group, local sources disclosed.

Suzan Khalaf al-Fasaal, 22, was beheaded by the radical group in public on charges of apostasy, media activist Ahmed al-Shami told ARA news.

He said this was the first time that the ISIS beheads a girl in the province.

“The terrorist group has previously beheaded hundreds of men in Deir Ezzur. The beheading of Suzan indicates that the ISIS has moved to the highest level of barbarism,” he said.

“Suzan was arrested in her family’s home in the village of Khasham East of Deir Ezzur two months ago. Since then she has been held in a detention center in Hawayej village after being accused of communicating with hostile parties;" FNA reported.

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