ISIL Claims Suicide Bomb Attack on Yemen Shiiat Mosque

Thu Sep 3, 2015 12:14:22

The ISIL terrorist group took responsibility for the tween bombings of a Shiiat mosque in which 29 people killed and 75 wounded.

The Takfiri group claimed responsibility on social media for the attacks, which according to Yemeni Defense Ministry officials, wounded dozens of people in addition to those killed, CNN reported.

The first attack targeted Al Moayyad mosque, a pro-Houthi neighborhood in northern Sana’a and the second bombing took place as civilians were trying to help the victims of the first attack, ministry officials said.

This is the fifth mosque attack over the past two months in Sana’a. The attacks have targeted pro-Houthi mosques.

It is all part of the turmoil and violence that has wracked Yemen for months.

Exiled President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi resigned in January, only to come back later (after fleeing the country) to claim he is still Yemen’s rightful president.

The attacks came as Saudi Arabia continues its airstrikes on Yemen, which have led to the deaths of over 4,300 people, mostly civilians.

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