Zarif: Iran Defeats Iranophobia Scenarios of Enemies

Zarif: Iran Defeats Iranophobia Scenarios of Enemies
Fri Aug 28, 2015 18:24:32

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Thursday that enemies did not achieve their goals through Iranophobia scenarios because of the diplomatic efferts of his team, IRNA reports.

'A number of ill-wishers have tried to promote the thought of Iranophobia among the regional countries, but we showed in the political scene of the region and the world that this effort is futile and Iran moves in the direction of interaction with other countries,' Zarif said.

He pointed to Iran's important status in the region, and said, 'The Islamic Republic of Iran under no circumstances lets any power threaten Iranian territorial integrity.'

Speaking for the local officials in Isfahan, he said that the Islamic Republic of Iran enjoys large-scale geographic, natural and human resources and is a stable country in the region.

Iran has become a regional power thanks to its support for the resistance movements in the Middle East something which has worried the Zionist regime and to the same reason it has escalated propaganda campaign against Iran, Zarif said.

The West and the Zionist regime under the pretext to Iran's nuclear program attempted to strike a blow to the Islamic Republic of Iran but the government successfully thwarted the plot, he said.

To the same reason, Iran did not allow other issues to be put on the agenda of the nuclear talks other than the nuclear issue, he said.

'We never let any one threaten Iran or Iranian people,' Zarif said.

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is a token of Iranian dignity, Zarif said.

'During regional tour to Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, I noticed that the Shiite population in those countries were proud of Iran's nuclear deal and regarded it as token of dignity for all Shiite Muslims, Zarif said.

On the process of the nuclear talks, Zarif said that in fact both sides revised some of their stances to finalize the issue.

JCPOA is now regarded our redline mainly to eliminate sanctions and currently parts of them or to some extent its entirety have been removed, he said.

All economic, financial and banking sanctions will be removed immediately after implementation of JCPOA, Zarif said.

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