Raqqa Tribes Come to War against ISIS

Raqqa Tribes Come to War against ISIS
Tue Aug 25, 2015 19:33:40

Arab tribal leaders from the Tel Abyad region “expressed their preparedness to fight to drive out ISIS elements from northern A-Raqqa province in a meeting with “FSA”-affiliated “Rebels” of “AL-Raqqa Brigade”, a brigade spokesman said Tuesday.

“The Arab tribes expressed their preparedness to fight with the FSA to free Al-Raqqa city and its countryside from the ISIS,” Abu Muath A-Raqqa told Syria Direct.

“Military work will continue to remain under the auspices of Kurdish-Arab joint forces in the “Euphrates Volcano Operations Room,” Abu Umar a-Raqawi, a fighter from the group who was briefed on the meeting, told from A-Raqqa. 

Euphrates Volcano refers to the coalition between the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) and the FSA, of which the Rebels of A-Raqqa Brigade is the sole Arab and FSA contingent.

The coalition preparing for an assault on A-Raqqa city, the provincial capital and seat of the ISIS 's so-called “caliphate” in Syria.

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