Al-Maliki: Shi'a Muslims Suffering from Zionism, Wahhabism

Al-Maliki: Shi'a Muslims Suffering from Zionism, Wahhabism
Sat Aug 15, 2015 18:50:47

Iraqi Vice President Nuri Al Maliki said here on Sunday Shi'a Muslims in various countries suffer from Zionism and Wahhabism and so long as Wahhabism exists such Takfiri terrorists as Al Qaeda, Daesh and Boko Haram will exist, IRNA reports.

'Israel targets Muslims and particularly the Shi'a Muslims, and I believe the Zionists' war against Shi'as is not limited to the war fronts as they fight in various fields,' said the Iraqi vice president in the opening ceremony of the 6th General Assembly of Ahl Al Bait World Assembly in Tehran's Summit Conference Hall.

He said that the Iraqi Shi'a Muslims has been suffering from Takfiri terrorists and since the fall of Saddam's regime the colonialists' agents have been busy hatching plots against the people of Iraq.

'Saudi Arabia and Israel take advantage of local mercenaries in their efforts to disintegrate Iraq,' added Maliki.

He said that life cannot go on so long as the Zionist regime exists, because the Zionists are expansionist and just as fight against Wahhabism is necessary, fight against Zionism, too, is inevitable.

'Today we are witnesses to the coalition of Zionism and Wahhabism against the resistance axis and this is a civil war, as they use local facilities in the Islamic countries. Therefore, in order to defeat it we need to use all our state facilities, legal apparatus, and mass media,' he said.

Maliki said that yet, the Muslims have to handle their internal affairs initially and then bring their viewpoints closer to each other.

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