HELP US! ISIS Posts Images of Christian Women for Sell or Ransom

HELP US! ISIS Posts Images of Christian Women for Sell or Ransom
Sat Aug 15, 2015 17:56:37

ISIS post pictures of 'Christian women kidnapped in Syria threatening that they will become sex slaves if ransom is not paid'.

Disturbing images which have appeared online could be of three Assyrian Christian women ISIS abducted in February.

It is feared this means they will be sold to ISIS fighters if their families or charities do not pay ransom for their release, although no figure appears on the signs they hold.

The Assyrian Federation of Sweden has told Mail Online the women's surnames resemble those of families who lived in the region.

Their images have emerged at the same time as a suspected ISIS video, thought to be filmed on July 17, which features eight kidnapped Assyrian men. Each one reads out his name and the village they were from.

Help us: Another video has emerged which appears to show eight of the abducted Assyrian men (pictured) asking the 'international community to help secure their release'

The Assyrian Federation of Sweden, who translated the Arabic video for Mail Online, were certain these men were among more than 200 Assyrian Christians abducted by ISIS around the Khabur River region in February.

Islamic State fighters have abducted and sexually abused hundreds of women from northern Iraq's Yazidi community since it raided their villages last year.

But captured Christians and Jews have enjoyed more protection from the fighters because they regard them as 'People of the Book'.

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