Syria: Rebels Endless Clashes, Army Offensive on Terrorists

Syria: Rebels Endless Clashes, Army Offensive on Terrorists
Sat Aug 15, 2015 14:20:56

Violent clashes break out around Harasta and Syrian Army warplanes attack the hidouts of terrorist in Eastern Ghouta.

In endless different terrorist groups against each other a leading figure assassinated.

According to SOHR- London Based opposition group called “Syrian observatory of human rights”- a leading figure in an exteremist movement killed due to targeting him by an IED in al- Qaboun area on the outskirts on Damascus.

The Syrian forces shelled terrorist hidouts and positions in the neighborhood of Jobar.

Meanwhile Clashes took place after midnight between the Syrian Army Forces against Allied Rebels and “Islamist” factions around the city of Darayya.

Other clashes are taking places between the same parties near the city of Harasta in the Eastern Ghouta, information reported casualties on rebels, amid carrying out 5 raids on areas in the cities of Harasta and Erbin as well as on the town of Mdira.    

Several shells landed after midnight on near the city of Harasta.

The Syrian army helicopters attacks terrorists after midnight on the village of Kfeir al- Zeit .

The so-called “Islamist factions” targeted by missiles the civilian areas around Wadi Barada, information reported casualties on the civilians.

In other hand Syrian amy shelled terrorist position this morning in the farms of Khan al- Shih camp in the Western Ghouta.

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