Rouhani: Enemies Trying to Transform Islam into Religion of Violence

Sat Aug 15, 2015 12:54:56

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned against enemies’ plots to turn Islam from a religion of spirituality and fraternity into one which advocates violence, Al-Alam News Network reports.

The President made the remarks here Saturday morning in his inauguration speech to the 6th General Assembly of the World Assembly of Ahl ul-Bait which kicked off here in the presence of over 700 international guests as well as Iranian political and cultural figures.

He said enemies were trying to transform Islam which is a religion of ethics and brotherhood into one which advocates violence, extremism, mass killings, division and divergence.

He urged all to confront such attempts.

He said just the way all mobilized efforts to fight attempts to eradicate religion from people’s lives in the past, they are now obliged to confront plots to distort religion.

The President urged all not to allow terrorist groups to depict Islam as a religion of murdering, violence and destruction.

Stressing that Muslims are all but one in confronting blasphemy and division, he stressed that the borders of Islam are not defined by blood, ethnicity or extremism but by belief, faith and ethics.

President Rouhani further highlighted the developments in Iran, Turkey, Lebanon and other Muslim countries as indications proving the fact.