Iran's FM Deputy: Maintaining Turkey’s Security Iran’s Serious Concern

Iran's FM Deputy: Maintaining Turkey’s Security Iran’s Serious Concern
Thu Aug 13, 2015 18:19:30

Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs underlined that maintaining Turkey’s security is Iran’s serious concern, and added that creating a buffer zone inside Syria is violation of the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, Al-Alam News Network reports.

Hossein Amir-Abdollahian in an exclusive interview with IRNA on Thursday said that tactics should be found, so that international law could not be violated and it is not necessary by doing some needless acts to make regional situation worse.

He stressed that Syria and neighbors’ security would be guaranteed when number of players in the scene take hands off from instrumental use of terrorism and there exist a serious intention to fight against extremism.

The Deputy Foreign Minister pointed out that during Foreign Minister Zarif visit to Damascus, President al-Assad proposed constructive ideas to strengthen political trend and fight against terrorism.

According to the Lebanese political daily As-Safir, fires which reached borders of Saudi Arabia and Turkey has caused whatever seemed impossible before, it might be possible in upcoming weeks or months.

Numbers of political analysts in the Middle East believe that it is time for constructive regional cooperation and activation of diplomacy to end crisis in Syria, so it should be waiting for positive development in current crisis situation in the country.

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