Merkel's Advisor Calls on Saudi-Iran Cooperation in Mideast

Merkel's Advisor Calls on Saudi-Iran Cooperation in Mideast
Mon Aug 10, 2015 18:44:54

A leading Middle East advisor for German Chancellor Angela Merkel called on Iran and Saudi Arabia to cooperate on stabilizing crisis-stricken Middle East.

Talking to the German radio station Deutschlandfunk on Monday, the head of the Berlin-based German Institute for International Politics and Security (SWP), Volker Perthes said Saudi Arabia and Iran have to cooperate in order to prevent further chaos in the region.

Without the cooperation of Riyadh and Tehran, the Syrian civil war cannot be settled and tensions cannot be removed in the Mideast, he added.

Perthes did acknowledge though Saudi Arabia was also the source for many problems in the Mideast.

That notwithstanding and that's also a political reality, Saudi Arabia must also be part of the solution in the region, the German expert added.

Perthes' remarks come in the wake of a one-day visit by Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Jubair in Berlin where he meet with his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier to discuss regional issues.

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