Commander Firouzabadi: ISIS, Its Allies Will Be Destroyed

Commander Firouzabadi: ISIS, Its Allies Will Be Destroyed
Sun Aug 9, 2015 14:18:42

Chief of Staff of Iran’s armed forces Hassan Firouzabadi said Daesh (ISIS) and its allies will be removed under the wheels of the future developments, Al-Alam News Network reports.

Major General Firouzabadi further remarked that evaluation of the central government in Iraq is as such that the government has performed well and by achieving important success in stabilizing Iran’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence has been successful before the enemies of the Iraqi nation.

Pointing to the formation of some mischievous activities in that country, he said the noble people of Iraq, either Shiite or Sunni, should be careful that emergence of some fabricated shortages and call for street demonstration is with the instigation of certain circles and sometimes non-Muslim groups.

He said explosion in Iran’s power transfer lines to Iraq and other acts of sabotage are after connoting to inefficiency of the central government.

As for the future of Syria, he said the Syrian central government has revived and gained important victories in different fronts.

He said the Syrian ruling system showed that it enjoyed the required resistance and possesses the power to preserve national interest and the realm of its constitution.

Firouzabadi noted that the dark clouds of hostility are gradually moving apart and the rooted cedar of Bashar Assad’s government is emerging, stressing that Daesh and its allies are disjointing and will be removed under the wheels of future developments.

Commenting over the situation in Yemen, the chief of staff said the victory will be gained by the resistance forces in Yemen and instigations of the opponents will have no result.

As for developments in Bahrain, he said Bahrain has shown that it cannot be suppressed, adding that the government of Bahrain should reach understanding with the elites and release people’s leaders from prison so that developments can take its positive route in the interest of the government and the people.

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