Syrian Army, Hezbollah Capture 3 Rebels Captive in Zabadani

Syrian Army, Hezbollah Capture 3 Rebels Captive in Zabadani
Sun Aug 9, 2015 12:19:58

The Syrian army and Hezbollah advanced further toward the center of Zabadan, killing a number of militants and taking three captive, Al-Manar TV said.

The Hezbollah-run station said on Saturday the group’s fighters and their Syrian allies took over the Barada Mosque neighborhood in the southwestern part of the city, which is located just a few kilometers from the Lebanese border, according to a report by Daily Star.

The channel aired footage taken by Hezbollah’s own “war media agency,” which showed fighting at close range and troops entering houses abandoned by extremist militants.

Al-Manar said the forces also advanced toward Zabadani’s center from the east, where they took over the al-Mahatta roundabout.

The footage also showed the three men whose faces were masked after being taken captive.

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