Iraqi Army Controls Southeast of Ramadi + Video

Mon Aug 3, 2015 17:40:18

The president of the security committee in the council of Khalidiya district Ibrahim Fahdawi announced on Monday the killing 17 ISIS elements, including a senior commander east of Ramadi, stressing that the security forces continue its operations to liberate the eastern axis of the city.

Fahdawi said in an interview for”The security forces clashed today with elements of ISIS in Husaybah area (7 km east of Ramadi), which resulted in the killing of 17 ISIS elements, including the security commander of the organization for Husaybah called Abu Zeinab Iraqi.”

Fahdawi added that “The security forces continue the military operations in the eastern axis of the city of Ramadi so as to liberate all regions controlled by ISIS terrorists.”

The head of Khalidiya council Ali Dawood announced on Tuesday, that the security forces backed by military aviation were able to break into the Abu Diab area north of Ramadi, killing 30 ISIS elements during clashes.

Dawood said in an interview for, “The security forces supported by the Iraqi army aviation and the international coalition have been able, today, to break into Abu Diab area north of Ramadi.”

Dawood added that “the forces advanced toward the Albu Faraj Bridge after fierce battles with ISIS incurred significant losses,” noting that, “30 elements of the organization were killed during the clashes.”

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