Rouhani: Iran Deal, Example for Solving Worldwide Conflicts Through Talks

Rouhani: Iran Deal, Example for Solving Worldwide Conflicts Through Talks
Wed Jul 29, 2015 11:44:26

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani in his visit with Mogherini and Schmid Said that Vienna nuclear deal can be considered by the international community as an example for resolving international conflicts through negotiation, Al-Alam News Network reports.

Hassan Rouhani received Federica Mogherini who is in Tehran in an official tour along with her aid Helga Schmid to, as Ms. Mogherini had told the press earlier, ‘coordinate the implementation of Vienna nuclear deal,’ immediately after a brief press conference along with Mr. Mohammad Javad Zarif of Iran.

Rouhani described nuclear negotiations very hectic, where both sides had worked busy days; “the deal which was product of these negotiations will be very crucial for the future of the region, EU, and the world at large; Vienna deal is a brilliant display of the power of diplomacy in solving international issues; I believe that, as huge efforts were invested so that a deal comes out of the negotiations, on implementation, the same amount of effort and coordination should be invested, to benefit all countries in the world,” President Rouhani stated.

“The deal will send message of peace for all countries, and will stand as a testimony that, given that international agreements incorporate justice in their foundations, would be still effective and that dialogue could potentially bring solutions to political stalemates,” Rouhani expressed his lavish praise on the deal; highlighting the historical relations between Iran and EU countries, Rouhani said that Iranians, out of their cultural, religious, and national obligations, are strictly committed to their promise; “precise implementation of the deal would promote the current level of relations between Iran and the EU to levels in par with the weight and place of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” he added.

“Promotion of economic and trade relations is far more accessible and viable than other fields between Iran and the EU; however, given our excellent capacities, scientific, technological, political, and cultural relations should be revolutionized in post-JCPOA era,” said the president; touching upon the ‘heart-scratching’ crimes committed against some nations in the region, Rouhani believed that implementation of Vienna deal would have as its sweet fruits cooperation “our joint strong commitments towards humanity and human ideals of fighting terrorism and ending war and bloodshed against innocent citizens; this deal will be for the disadvantage of no country in the region,” he added.

“Now, an opportunity faces us to avert our eyes from the past to welcome the future which develops and improves mutual and collective interests based on mutual respect,” Rouhani said in the meeting.

Federica Mogherini, for her part, expressed satisfaction for her visit to Iran after Vienna deal, and praised president’s supports and management style during negotiations, and also Iran’s nuclear negotiators for their good offices, strength, commitment, and sense of justice in bringing the negotiations to a concrete outcome; she described the deal ‘a step forward toward promotion of peace;’ “representing the EU in foreign policy , I would say that we support the deal with unanimous commitment, and as a member of the joint commission, I will do my best to guarantee the precise, accurate, timely, and step-by-step implementation of the deal,” Mogherini emphasized.

“The EU welcomes and is prepared and resolved for opening of a new chapter of its relations with Iran; I would address those countries who voice their concerns over the nuclear deal; when we invested such a vast amount of political capital to reach a deal, it becomes almost natural that we will invest the same amount of effort and political leverage in implementation phase as well; in this visit, I have been working to found the high-level talks between Iran and the EU in investment, economic and trade cooperation, environment, and regional issues on a firm base,” she said.

“However we should see the difficulties ahead in this path, given firm foundations we have laid, I believe that we would continue the path relatively easily; definitely, we will see the visit of many EU representatives to Tehran in the upcoming weeks, which demonstrates the scope of capacities and capabilities to extend relations with Iran,” she concluded.

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