Iraqi Forces Kill over 160 ISIS Takfiris in Anbar

Iraqi Forces Kill over 160 ISIS Takfiris in Anbar
Sat Jul 18, 2015 16:12:08

The Iraqi army and popular committees killed Dozens of Takfiri terrorists in daylong clashes in Anbar province, Al-Alam News Network reports.

"Over 160 ISIS militants were killed in the Iraqi army's operations in the city of Ramadi on Thursday," the Iraqi defense ministry announced in a statement on Friday.

Earlier today, the Iraqi defense ministry announced that its fighter jets launched massive air raids on ISIS positions in the nearby areas of Ramadi which resulted in the killing of tens of militants.

“The Iraqi airstrikes against hideouts of the ISIS militants in the surrounding areas of Hasiba and the outskirts of al-Khalediya City and Ramadi, killed and wounded a large number of the terrorists, and destroyed a large store of their booby-trapped vehicles,” the ministry said.

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