Akhoundi Invites Foreign Airlines to Renovate Flights to Iran

Akhoundi Invites Foreign Airlines to Renovate Flights to Iran
Fri Jul 17, 2015 18:41:30

Iranian Road and Urban Development Minister Abbas Akhoundi called on foreign airlines to resume their flights that had come to a halt due to western sanctions imposed against Iran, Al-Alam News Network reports.

"We invite all the international airlines to resume their flights to Iran," Akhoundi told reporters on Friday.

Akhoundi's remarks came after Iran and the Group 5+1 (the US, Russia, China, France and Britain plus Germany) signed a nuclear deal in Vienna on Tuesday.

He pointed to the positive impacts of the deal, and said, "Given the recent positive incidents, we can directly purchase brand-new products of the big international aviation companies, especially passenger planes for short distance flights."

On Wednesday, underlined that Tehran has been conducting negotiations with creditable international aviation companies to purchase light passenger planes.

"We have negotiated with the French manufacturers of light passenger planes for short-distance flights," Akhoundi told reporters.

The Iranian road and urban development minister also pointed out that those US firms that have been registered in Europe may also supply such planes to Iran and can partner in Iranian projects.

Earlier this month, Akhoundi announced that representatives of several French firms are slated to visit Iran in September to help renovate the airports of Tehran and Mashhad.

Akhoundi made the remarks after his visit to France and his several meetings with French industrialists and tradesmen.

"France's best investment companies will come to Tehran in September to help renovate airports of the capital Tehran and Mashhad," Akhoundi said.

Akhoundi visited France to participate in the International Air Industry Exhibition in Paris on June 15-21.

In relevant remarks in June, Managing-Director of the Iranian Aviation Industries Organization (IAIO) Manouchehr Manteqi announced that Iran was planning to manufacture light passenger planes before the end of the current Iranian year (will end on March 19, 2016).

"The 6-seater passenger planes will be built by the end of the year to be used in different fields," Manteqi told reporters in Tehran.

Manteqi pointed to Iran's advancement in aviation industries, and said, "Iran's aviation industries have had a very good growth in the past three decades and we have indigenized building of two-, four- and six-seater planes given the capabilities of the Iranian experts."

Iran and the six world powers struck a deal in Vienna on Tuesday.

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