Watch, Terrifying Moment Australian stars Shot by ISIS in Syria

Thu Jul 16, 2015 18:45:16

One of the stars of controversial Australian documentary Go Back To Where You Came From has revealed how she was shot at by the ISIS while she was in Syria during filming.

The three-part series aims to provoke national debate about how the public responds to asylum seekers, by sending Australian's overseas to the country's refugees are fleeing from.

During the filming of the show, three of the six Australian stars travelled to Syria for the documentary but found themselves in the middle of an active war zone.

Nicole, a detention centre whistle blower, Kim, a Stop the Boats Facebook campaigner, and Andrew, a tough talking school teacher, witnessed first hand why would-be asylum seekers want out of countries like Syria.

The trio, along with their film crew were forced to run for cover as they tried to escape from gunfire exchange between soldiers and ISIS militants.