Iran and IAEA Taken Major Steps towards solving Remaining Issues

Iran and IAEA Taken Major Steps towards solving Remaining Issues
Wed Jul 8, 2015 14:54:30

Spokesman of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Behrouz Kamalvandi has said Iran and the IAEA have taken major steps towards solving some remaining issues by reaching an agreement on principles about subjects and timetable for joint cooperation.

He made the remarks while commenting on the recent visit to Tehran by a number of experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency.

The visit took place a few days after the IAEA Chief Yukio Amano visited Tehran (July 1st) to facilitate mutual cooperation to help resolve remaining issues of the nuclear talks.

Kamalvandi said the visit of the IAEA experts to Iran shortly after Amano’s visit has indicated how serious the two sides (Iran and IAEA) are in boosting the level of their cooperation.

He added, when the IAEA chief was in Tehran an agreement was made on outlines and good meetings were held.

Kamalvandi said that the talks with the IAEA experts were the follow-up of the talks with Mr. Amano.

We reviewed different issues and good agreements were reached in general; however, due to the shirt of time, we failed to make a printed version and decided to continue our talks.

Kamalvandi commented on technical talks between the AEOI Chief Ali-Akbar Salehi and the US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz and said the two sides were happy with working on the technical issues, though “We are still engaged in certain issues.”

He said there are issues in parentheses which should be dealt with; however, turning back and seeing the whole story, we can see we have passed a long way and technically we are moving in line with settling the problems.

Commenting on Iran’s R&D activities, he said, “So far, there is nothing to be worried. We consider no limit for R&D; however, we had a fight for each for each of those new machines, including IR5, 6, 7, and 8, of them.

We had intensive talks and a 5-6-hour-long dialogue. Fortunately, none of the R&D projects are to be affected (by the talks) and there is no need to be worried.”