Syrian Army Pounds Terrorists' Convoy in Daraa

Syrian Army Pounds Terrorists' Convoy in Daraa
Fri Jul 3, 2015 13:58:54

Army forces destroyed a convoy of 50 vehicles carrying military equipment and weapons for ISIS terrorists in Reef (countryside of) Daraa, Southeastern Syria, Al-Alam News Network reports.

The attack was carried out on Thursday after one of the Syrian army units gained intelligence about the convoy and its cargo in Saida town in Reef Daraa.

In a relevant development on Monday, at least 34 Chechen terrorists were killed in Daraa as the Syrian forces launched several strikes against the positions of the Takfiri militants.

The Chechen fighters who were some of the most well-trained terrorists had entered Saida town in Eastern Reef (countryside of) Daraa and hid in a cottage.

The Syrian army forces tracked down the Chechen group's moves to the cottage and then received the order to destroy the hideout and kill all those residing in it.

The cottage was then destroyed when the Chechen snipers had a meeting with one of their ringleaders and tens of them were killed and wounded, most of them in critical conditions.

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