Kurdish Fighters Ready to Attend Mousl Battle

Kurdish Fighters Ready to Attend Mousl Battle
Mon Jun 29, 2015 11:51:30

Peshmerga forces are in full readiness to participate in the operation to make the Iraqi city of Mousl free, a senior member of the Iraqi Kurdistan Coalition said.

Exclusively talking to IRNA, Mahma Khalil said the Peshmerga fighters are now settled in Sanjar, Bashiqa and al-Hamdaniya.

In coordination with Iraq's central government and the Coalition, the Peshmerga forces are well trained to attend the operation to set Mousl free, he said.

About the Peshmerga equipment, he said they are equipped with modern weapons to attend the battle.

Mousl provincial security committee has recently announced that operation to make Mousl free from the occupation of Takfiri terrorists of Daesh will start as of end of June, but Baghdad has declared no plan for the action till now.

Security observers believe that liberation of Anbar province is top priority for the Iraqis at present.

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